Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Advent Caldendar

I totally have an advent calendar obsession. Always have. So this year I found a super cute craft in a magazine. After a bit of modification, I ended up with this:

Supplies Needed:
20x30 foam board
48 styrofoam cups (16oz)
Tissue paper
Glue stick

Lay out 24 cups in desired design on the foam board. Glue the bottom of the cups and place. Leave a little space between cups.
Trace around the top of a cup onto tissue paper and cut out 24 circles.
Fill 24 remaining (unglued) cups with prizes.
Cover the top rim of each filled cup with glue and place a tissue paper circle on each one.
Place each filled cup in an empty cup on the board.
Wait a few minutes for the glue to set and then VERY LIGHTLY paint the tops of the cups. If you press too hard or put too much paint on the tissue paper, it will tear. (If this happens just tear the rest of the tissue paper off and start again with that cup.
Wait until background paint is COMPLETELY dry before painting numbers 1-24 randomly on cups.

Each day leading up to Christmas the kids get to open one cup. Its been a huge hit in my house!