Friday, October 7, 2011

Apparently its Christmas time...

... or so the kids seem to think!

When I got home on Wednesday I noticed that there were Christmas decorations everywhere. Wait a second... isnt it OCTOBER!?!?! What the heck happened to Halloween?
Evidently they couldnt find the Halloween decorations, and this was their solution. Thankfully, I brought Halloween decorations with me. So Christmas has been temporarily banished to the office, until the day after Halloween at least. When I was growing up my mom decorated for every holiday. We seriously had presidents day decorations! So I have always been pretty rigid when it comes to decorating. Halloween stuff goes up October 1st. The day after Halloween those decorations come down and Thanksgiving things go up. The day after Thanksgiving its Christmas all the way through the last day of January! But Michelle said "Why not decorate early? Its always sad in January to take the Christmas things down.... lets just enjoy them longer." And of course the kids are more than on board. So we reached the compromise of waiting until the day after Halloween.
All of this Christmas talk DOES have me thinking though. I still dont have a job and December really is fast approaching. I need to find present solutions soon. Since I am low on cash im making what I can, and my first project is under way:
I bought this mirror at Goodwill for $8 and sanded it down. Im gonna throw on a primer and custom paint it for Josie. Im working on getting a cool old metal toolbox from my dad so I can paint that up for Alex. I also really want to get my old fishtank running for them, but im going to have to investigate exactly what that entails. My dad's girlfriend, BK, is going to help me make PJ's for the kids, and that should be fun. I do want to buy them each one thing, I want to get J an MP3 player and A a building kit. If I can accomplish most of that I will be happy! Only 79 days till Christmas! lol

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