Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home again!

Ive been a bit out of the loop in the past couple weeks! First Michelles parents came and we had the balloon rally weekend, then there was a bit of a lull and recoup for a few days, then we headed over to Seattle to have Alex's cast removed, and finally I got dropped in good ol' Eburg for a short visit. Now im home again and trying to get back into the swing of things!
The balloon rally was a blast. Friday afternoon Michelle's mom and her husband arrived with their trailer. When Michelle and the kids got home from school we all went walked downtown and looked at some of the street fair booths and had dinner. The kids had a chance to hang out with a group of other kids and go to a street dance Friday night and they had a blast with that! Saturday morning we watched the balloons take off and fly over the river across the road and then went to Farmers Market. After the market the kids when back to the house with their grandparents and Michelle and I got our first chance ever for some kid-free time! So what do you do at 10:30am in Prosser when you're finally kid free? Go wine tasting! Yup. Thats what we did. And then walked down by the river a bit, picking blackberries, and came home. It was a nice morning. Went back to the street fair later in the day and Saturday night was the Night Glow festival at the local high school. Five balloons light up in the dark and its really awesome. Sunday morning we got up early to watch the balloons take flight again but the weather was gross so they didnt take off. Late in the morning the grandparents left and we spent most of the rest of the day just relaxing and re-couping from the weekend!
It was a pretty un-eventful week until Thursday when we headed over the pass to Seattle to get Alex's cast removed! We stayed on the 31st floor of the Westin downtown, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever for me. Had dinner Thursday night at a cool restaurant close to the hotel and then I took the kids swimming while Michelle relaxed in the room. Alex was thrilled that I let him swim, it didnt take too much effort to get him in the water and keep the cast out. Friday morn we headed straight to Seattle Childrens Hospital and had breakfast there. Then Josie and I hung out in the Sibling Playroom doing crafts and whatnot while A saw the doctor. Finally he came out, sans cast! Doctors orders are to baby the arm for the next month while it heals and then go back to check range of motion and whatnot. But having the cast off is excitement enough!
On the way home Michelle dropped me off in Ellensburg for a few days. I saw friends I dont get to see often anymore, and got my dreadlocks started! Woohoo! I got back to Prosser just yesterday and it feels good to be home. Spent the day cleaning and organizing, as well as taking a new path on the job hunt. Im looking into being a nanny in the Tri Cities area! I absolutley love it and if I work it right I will have very similar hours Michelle and the kids' :)
Heres some pics:

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