Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cameo Heights

So Michelle and I got to have a little getaway yesterday that was quite lovely. Last year for Christmas I got her a gift certificate for Cameo Heights Mansion and we were finally able to use it! The place was absolutely lovely. Im iffy about Bed and Breakfasts usually because I dont really sharing bathrooms and living areas, many are tech-free.... Cameo doesnt come anywhere near my generalized view of B&Bs. There are seven suites, and every suite has a king sized bed, two person bathtub and shower, and a flat screen TV. The suites are HUGE. The "shared" living spaces are a game room and huge movie/media room, the summer-only outdoor pool, and year-round outdoor hot tub. There is a sit down breakfast included in the price, as well as an optional "wake up service" where they knock on your door at 8am and leave a tray with fresh pastries and drinks. The attached restaurant, The Vine, is fantastic. Our fondue dinner was fabulous, if a bit overpriced, but still delicious and we were both stuffed. All in all, pretty amazing. I will recommend Cameo to everyone, and am excited to try it out again in the summer.
A quick word of forewarning, we were a bit caught off guard when we arrived at Cameo and found that there were some pretty strong religious (LDS) undertones  Between a huge selection of religious movies in the movie room as well as paintings and newspaper articles on the walls, and the "morning musings" delivered with breakfast being filled with bible verses, it was somewhat predominant. However at no point did I ever feel any discrimination, they were only kids and helpful. Just something to be aware of.

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