Monday, January 7, 2013

Kids' wedding reactions

The kids reaction to us getting married was "Cool." Non-nonchalant. Kind of funny, really. Josie was initially excited to tell people. We told them that they had to wait until after we went to the courthouse to tell people (there was a 3 day waiting period after we got the license before we could actually get married.) Since we got married on Friday, come Monday morning before school Michelle told the kids they could tell whoever they wanted but just to be aware that some people might think it was odd or not understand. Alex came home gushing that he had told every person! Josie came home and hadnt mentioned it to anyone. She is quite socially aware for her age. So while having a lesbian parent is the norm for her, hearing that something may be perceived as odd made her a bit more cautious. By Tuesday Michelle was hearing about it in the halls (The school district where she works and they go to school is quite small and news travels fast.) Evidently Alex was telling every person he came in contact with, from his classmates to teachers to the lunch ladies and the school nurse! And it spread from the elementary to the high school very quickly.
Alex says "Moms" on and off. Josie asked Michelle the day after we got married what she should call me. Michelle said that was up to her. Their little brains are turning, but nothing much has changed. We are existing just as we had.
We did go to Ellensburg once right after getting married and again right before Christmas. Of his own accord, Alex proudly announced to my parents that he now has three grandpas and two grandmas (and more to come once they meet more of my family!). He also clued in that they now have a great-grandma when they met my Gram :-)
On Christmas Eve morning we were at my dads house opening gifts with he and my stepmom BK. They had gotten quite a few things for the kids, that they were very excited about. At one point Alex looked at my dad and said "Hey Dude! You're crying!" And went over and gave him a hug, and then started crying himself. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. And it was a really wonderful feeling. On Christmas Eve night/Christmas day Michelles mom and stepdad were over and here mom at one point said "One of your moms will help you."
Its the little things :-)

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