Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cleaning break!

Im should be cleaning right now... but i've been cleaning (and organizing, and weeding, and other stuff....) since like 7:30 this morning. So im taking a break! Why all the busy-ness? The Prosser Hot Air Balloon rally and street fair are this weekend, and Michelle's mom and her husband are coming to town! Its the first time ive met any of her family and I want to make a good impression, and having the house clean is a start!! Im not really nerous to meet her mom, she has been supportive of our relationship and seems like a really cool person. So we'll see how all THAT goes! An extra plus to having them here is that Michelle and I might get a night out without the kids, which we've never had. So that would be pretty nice! I absolutely love having them around at every minute, but its fun to have alone time on occasion :)

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