Friday, September 16, 2011

What does a lesbian bring on a second date?

... A U-HAUL!!!

This is one of the longest running lesbian jokes around, but it is definatley seated in truth. It has to do with the emotional nature of women, the ease of comfort and attachment that is common between two women. Because of that quick connection, lesbians have a tendancy to pack up all their stuff and move in at the drop of a hat.
Not me, of course. Oh no, not this time. I waited.
Until the third date.
Thats relative, though. Because we have yet to go out on a date. We began contact through the internet and the first time that we met in person, I stayed with her for the weekend. And then after going back to my own house for a few days, I spent a week with her. Another couple days apart and I came back.... and never left.

Of course all sorts of mushy-gushy stuff happened in that three week period. But the important part is, im here now! Its been just over a month and we're living together and doing the family thing!
Yep, thats right. "The Family Thing". My partner has two kids. Two beautiful, smart, adoring children that I absolutley love.
This is my life now.... and I wouldnt have it any other way.
I'm loving every minute of it!

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