Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spotlight on: Josie

Oh, the wonderful world of little girls! Its a new experience to me, really. My life has always been swarmed by little boys, girls require a whole new game plan! She's 7.5 and in second grade, with the reading level of at least a third grader. She is incredibly intelligent, and its all natural. She doesnt have to work at it at all. She loves math and reading. She loves to dance and perform. She will sit on youtube for hours choreographing dances to music videos (and shes quite good, actually!) She loves music and teen tv shows. Obsessed with the movie 16 Wishes (there are lists of her 16 Wishes hidden EVERYWHERE in this house!) as well as Monster High. She gets pretty fashionista with her clothes and loves to mix and match. She mentally tries to be 16 and has the attitude to match on occasion, but she is a truly sweet girl. She is very emotionally attuned with people and very internally sensitive as well. She takes the world on her shoulders at times. But she is also super loving and caring. She will definatley go far in life!

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