Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spotlight on: Alex

What a kid! 5.5 and he's just starting kindergarten this year after two years of pre-k, and hes SO excited about it! He comes home every day with lists and lists of things that he's learned at school, he just cant get enough. He is a very critical and logical thinker and good at figuring things out. He is a very compassionate and caring child. Every person and animal has a special place in his heart. He adores his sister, just lives for her. Shes all he ever wants to talk about, except for maybe whales and starfish! He is very loving, always saying "I love you" and asking for hugs. Hes into the Hulk and Spiderman like any boy, but youre more likely to find him tuning into i-Carly and calling his sister over to watch together! Hes got his own unique sense of fashion but he is very specific about it! He likes polo and dress shirts, almost ALWAYS tucked in (and frequently worn with basketball shorts!)

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