Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting organized!

Sometimes I feel like a slave driver :)
After working for three years in Behavioral Kindergarten my expectations can be ridiculously high at times. I have to find the right balance in everyday life between just enough and too much. Especially right now where im coming into a pre-existing family that have their own ways. Alex comes home with daily "homework" of tracing and writing his name a few times. Once a week Josie gets a sheet of simple math problems and a kinder-level spelling list to practice. She is reading at a 3rd grade level. The spelling words for her class are things like "it" and "of". Seriously. So I went online and printed a bunch of worksheets at their current levels and a little bit above so we can do a sheet every night. I also found a Brain Quest deck laying around ages 5-6 to use with Alex and I made a journal for Josie. She likes to write so I hope shes into this. I wrote a question on each page and asked her to answer in writing and supplement with a picture if she likes, and said she can write about her day on the back of each page if she wants to. They havent really seen most of it yet so we'll see how it goes tonight.
I've been having them clean up their rooms in the 10 minutes before bed every night and so far that is going great. I made a calendar to show how long they can wear articles of clothing (1 wear for underwear and socks, 1 day for clothes, 2 days for PJ's, 1 week for jackets) and they are paying attention to it and it is helping cut down on laundry! I also hung a picture of a lightbulb with the word "OFF" printed on it by string in the middle of their doorways to remind them to turn off the lights. Alex has been a been a pro so far, Josie is getting there.
Little things make a big difference and make the day go smoother, and let my girl relax a bit when she gets home from work :)

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